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About the museum

The National Museum in Krakow is systematically improving and expanding its exhibition facilities to make them accessible and attractive to a wide range of people.

In September 2009, during the 6th Congress of Polish Culture in Krakow coincided with the re-opening of  the Jan Matejko House which has been a Branch of the National Museum in Krakow since 1904 and for the past two years has been undergoing restoration and improvement.


After two years of renovation and modernization the Jan Matejko House – a Branch of the National Museum in Krakow and the oldest biographical museum in Poland is being re-opened to the public. The house at No. 41 Floriańska Street, where the famous painter once lived, has undergone extensive renovation and now holds a few surprises for visitors. And it is not only about the polychromy uncovered in one of the third floor rooms during the renovation work. First of all the whole exhibition layout has been rearranged to better allow us to get to know Jan Matejko as a husband and father, a student, painter and teacher, a traveller and collector, a pioneer in art conservation.

Marcin Chalnda’s design of the exhibition is likely to surprise many visitors. This artistic installation starts at the foot of the staircase and is meant to induce reflection on Jan Matejko’s art and highlight his mastery in depicting human emotions. From painter’s accessories lying on the floor, a column of blue paint rises up to the ceiling. It features scenes from Matejko’s paintings which are reflected in pieces of smashed mirrors. This “blue column” is just a small part of the installation, the whole of which is shown as a multimedia presentation in the temporary exhibition room.

The new arrangement of the painter’s studio on the third floor is meant to showcase the greatness of Matejko’s vision of the history of Poland. It features a multimedia presentation based around Matejko’s paintings, drawings and sketches. A small exhibition on the stairway landing is testament to his undying popularity. And there are many more new things to see at the Jan Matejko House.

Come and see for yourself.



Concept and design: Marta Kłak Ambrożkiewicz
Layout: Prof. Jacek Cupryś
Concept and layout of the third floor: Janusz Wałek, Paweł Wałek
Coordinator: Agnieszka Zagrajek
Artistic installation: Marcin Chlanda

The Jan Matejko House – Branch of the National Museum in Krakow
ul. Floriańska 41


Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10.00–18.00, Sunday 10.00–16.00

Admission: Adults 8 zł, Students, senior citizens and children 4 zł, Family 16 zł, Group 6 zł, Group (students, senior citizens, children) 3 zł

The conservation work on the Jan Matejko House has been funded through the  National Fund for the Restoration of Krakow under the auspices of the Civic Committee for the Restoration of Krakow Heritage.

Modernization of the interior has been completed thanks to a subsidy from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.












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